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Transactional Bulk SMS Services in India

Transactional SMS are messages which

are sent to your customers to pass on information necessary for using your product or transactional SMS service. A transactional message conforms to one of your approved Transactional message tempelates. Transactional SMS in India are used by many companies for promotion and other business related purposes like marketing . Transactional SMS In India is therefore easily accessible through Digimo Bulk SMS who are the leading provider.Transactional SMS services In India are at affordable prices and almost everyone Is able to access the service . Most businesses have opted to use the service of using transactional SMS in India to promote their services as well as market them to their clients. Transactional SMS in India through their equipped facilities are able to provide services throughout the country smoothly.

Instant deliveryVoice SMS

Instant deliveryVoice SMS in India is lightning fast, it literally put SMS into subscribers’ purses or pockets seconds after they are sent. The average duration for all phone carriers as well as Voice SMS services is less than seven seconds from send to receive. Although other marketing techniques are also extremely fast, nothing compares to Voice SMS in Delhi.

ConsistencyLinking with a huge number of established and potential customers can be hard to offer the same level of consistency via voice calls. Having a Voice SMS campaign creates a 100 percent uniform and consistence message for the whole target audience to hear.

Flexible platform With Voice SMS in Mumbai, users can either send a few Voice SMS

to their targeted audience or send hundreds of them to the whole list. A great message marketing system makes it simpler to customize SMS campaigns to the requirement of the subscribers. Business owners can create a quick industry update or a promotional message, according to what they need. In addition, Voice SMS service easily merges with other online promotion campaigns. Personalization Instead of ordinary short message or pray and spray email promotion campaign, Voice SMS in India can be designed to offer a personalized SMS that catches the attention of the recipient.

High open rate Compared to other marketing strategies such as email marketing, Voice SMS in Delhi has a superb high open rate. Generally, about 98% of all messages sent are opened and read whereas only a small percentage of emails sent are read. When subscribers feel the buzz in their pulses or pockets signaling an SMS, they always check. In some situations, SMS are automatically opened.

Cost effective Generally, Voice SMS in Mumbai is usually inexpensive, and allow users to send Voice SMS via a channel not as widely used as other promotional channels. Voice SMS services merit almost instant attention, particularly when transmitted to mobile phone numbers.