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Long Code Services in India

What is A Long Code -Long Code can simply viewed as 10 digit number which belongs to a particular area. It allows group messaging, friends to friends applications, consumer to buyer messaging etc. Customer can SMS on long code number to get any doubts about products or services cleared. Apart from these, long code services can be used in many more ways. True Bulk SMS provide Long Code services in all the major cities in India, like Long code services in Mumbai, Long code services in Patna, Delhi etc. Long code services in India is one of the major innovation, as it do not charge for sending SMS to any of the end users. Long code numbers provided by our long code services in India is very easy to remind and recall. Long code services in India provide you with the facility to choose your own favorite number for Long Code services.
Long Code Services in Delhi-Long code services in Delhi can be used from locations all over the world, one just need to add +91 before the long code services number. Our long code services in Delhi helps you easy access to SMS whosoever you want. Long code services in Delhi helps you to keep record, maintain and reply messages. Long code Services in Delhi provides you with great features like you can use as many number of keywords you want.
Long Code Services in Mumbai-True Bulk SMS provides Long code services in Mumbai. Long code services provide numbers which are easy to remember and can be recollected on your finger tips. After getting long code number provided by our Long code services in Mumbai you can connect to your peers or customers anywhere and everywhere. Long code services in Mumbai enable you to develop two-way gateway which can fulfill all your needs. These long codes are not specific to the country, in fact these numbers offered by our long code services helps you to amplify your business to great extent globally.
Long Code Services in Patna-For our clients it becomes very easy to contact with their customers using Long code services in Patna. Long code services in India for whichever city it may be, provides very cheap and quick solutions for getting dedicated SMS long code number. Long code services in Patna ensures that you get completely unique long code in case the number is not dedicated. True Bulk SMS come up with hassle free long code services in Patna which is very convenient to use. Thus our Long code services in India distributes the SMS long codes which can be used to increase your business manifolds and extends your business to different parts of the world. Simply using the Long code services in India provided by True Bulk SMS you can keep the track record of your services and can provide your customers with comfortable access to your products and services. Long code services provides you with many benefits to have direct contact with customers by conducting campaigns, asking for feedback is another great way to improve your product and service quality.